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Latest online game Granado Espada 2011

Latest online game Granado Espada 2011 - Although a bit late to give info on the latest online games 2011, but it never hurts if I try to give info rmation online games are a lot of looking and playing in Indonsia, starting on 19 January 2011 yesterday lytogame fans can try to login and play the game Granado Espada Open Beta

This latest online game in Europe a portrait of the 17th century, and you can look in detail at the address, online games from this LYTO surely be full of challenges for the adventurous Lytogamers. Various online games are showing the beauty of the city, nature, secret mysteries, monsters and dungeons are different from other games today, all presented in full to One For All, All Be One.

Another advantage of this new online game Granado Espada is a unique feature which has the Multi Character Control (MCC), which referred to the MCC sediri is a feature where one player can control more than 1 (one) character. Because the system uses  Granado Espada family (family), so definitely with the system the players will be able to control three characters at once, not one like other conventional MMORPG. So players can run the 3 (three) pieces of characters with 3 (three) pieces of different Job.

To support these unique features, Granado Espada is also equipped with a system of Extreme Artificial intelligence (EAI), a system that controls the other characters while the players focus on one character. With this system, which is run by the AI characters will be more clever in helping the attack and defense

In Granado Espada, as a family you can make a character with a wide selection of jobs-jobs that are available, among others: Fighter, Scout, Wizard, Elementalist, and Muskeeter. With the unique combination of jobs that will surely make your family become Adventurers strong and invincible. Because each job base has unique special skills not possessed by other characters. Before choosing a job for your character, let's first check what the benefits of each job available characters.

Now fans who want to play games online latest online games from LYTO named Granado Espada Open Beta is please just try it in
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