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Games Online Point Blank

Games Online Point Blank, Poin blang - Point Blank (PB) is a game online that is currently the most popular, especially in Indonesia. Poin blank game can be played one person or many players to the online system.

Point Blank is a development pattern of the game from the game Counter Strike. The pattern of game play is similar to Counter Strike, which also has 2 sides, ie CT Force (Counter terrorist) and Free Rebels (terrorist). This game also has a Clan system, the pattern of Team Death Match game (like the game Quake, can be 3 vs 3, 5 vs. 5), Explosion Mission (mission teamwork to put bombs and meledakannya), and Destruction Mission (mission to destroy enemy bases

Uniquely this game has a weapon that can be upgraded and modified in such a way. Also available additional accessories are also weapons that can be used to facilitate the battle. All items will be available and can be purchased at the game features an item mall.

Poin blank Kreon's latest game will also promote the concept of Avatar as well, where players can modify the character in accordance with their wishes, just like a game Gunbound, Pangya, Ayodance, Idol Street, GetAmped.

Point Blank itself was developed by NCSoft is already known by the company producing quality games with spectacular graphics, such as Lineage 2, would chart this game also will not disappoint.
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