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Game Online Facebook

Game Online Facebook -Facebook is a social networking site popular now, once we know Friendster, but after emergence up with various attractive features capable of sinking popularity of Friendster.One of the advantages up is an online game that can be played by its members

One of the advantages that make up the main choice is it allows the developers to add applications, either in the form of a quiz, layout up, Badge, Facebook, Twitter and gaming. Apparently a lot of Facebook users are crazy about the game there.

Since these games generally draw up a more exciting and more can be played by friends, family and your relatives or anyone who has an account on Facebook.

Here are 10 games up that I think is best:
  1. Tower Bloxx - Game up exciting and entertaining.
  2. Crazy Taxi - Kemudikan taxi as quickly as possible while jumping another vehicle.
  3. Word Challenge - Word Challenge was developed by Playfish is a game that make addiction featuring animation, more than 40,000 words, and 20 types vokabolari.
  4. Bowling Buddies - Play bowling with your friends, this game has 3D graphics design, easy to control, get the achievement, the characters can be dressed and more!
  5. Who has the Bigger Brain - Do you feel smart? Prove first by playing this game.
  6. Mob Wars - Build and manage your Mafia family, so became a kingdom's largest Mafia.
  7. Pet Society - In this game you with your pet can do a lot of fun. Decorate the house and can even give gifts to your friends when visiting them.
  8. YoVille - YoVille In the world you can buy new clothes for your character, buy equipment for apartment, work and meet new friends.
  9. Kickmania - Kickmania! is a game animation. Very entertaining - kick anyone's ass and see them fly - hit a brick wall.
  10. Texas Hold'em Poker - You will play Texas Hold'em poker with friends on Facebook and users up lainny with virtual money - certainly not the real money tables!
The above game does not need to be downloaded, you just go to Facebook and play online games That's 10 games up best in my opinion please allow the application of those games to start playing one game options that you like and hopefully useful and good-bye!
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