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Bubble Ball Game

Bubble Ball Game - Bubble Ball that was the name of the game made 14-year-old child, the child was named Robert Nay. Game artificial nay very simple but can beat the popularity of the game angry birds. Bubble ball into a free game most downloaded on the App store for the iphone.

Bubble ball games can be played not only in Iphone, this game can be played in the android like Ipad and Playbook. The popularity of this game makes Nay very surprised because this game is actually very simple to play. This game invites players to steer the ball into places that have been determined with the help of objects and gravity.

Robert Nay makes this game just a few months and start the app store is on december 2010, but within a few days this game is very enthused by the game lovers across the world. Seeing this development Nay plans to increase the level bubble game ball to make it more interesting and challenging gamers.

Robert Nay success in creating this game can not be separated from the mother, which at the time of making this game, Mrs. Nay faithfully accompany and advise thus create Bubble ball that has been downloaded 2 million times as much as this. To manage this ball bubble, Robert Nay will set up a title game companies Nay Games.
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