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Cheat Game Ninja Saga

Cheat Ninja Saga - Game online at up on this one are popular in Indonesia and a lot of fans like the game point blank. And as usual also, I'm sure a lot of fond Facebookers play the game to find the cheat ninja saga. game Well this time I will share the latest saga cheat ninja hopefully useful to all of you who avidly play this game.

To be able to perform the cheat ninja saga, first we need a software called Cheat Engine 5.5, this software is software used to cheat the game like ninja saga and cheat point blank. You can find links to software download cheat engine this ninja saga in 4shared, rapidshare or ziddu. Once you get this software please follow these steps to do the cheat ninja saga:

The steps Cheat Ninja Saga:
  1. Open your account in game Ninja Saga
  2. Open Cheat Engine 5.5 software and select the brower you use (eg Mozilla Firefox).
  3. check the type and value and check ascrom 8bytes
  4. In the box where the hex code 3B0008C25B5E0689 and then press scan.
  5. You'll get the address 4-2, right-click and Unloading Bottom address then right click again "Toggle breakpoint"
  6. Return to your account in game Ninja Saga and select your character and then click "Play"
  7. This will stop because the breakpoint has been determined.
  8. Click "Debug> Run (or press F9 to shortcuts)
  9. Repeat the procedure 8
  10. In the panel Registry, you will see a red line "xxxxxx EAX"
  11. Left-click on it and it will prompt you to enter a new address, so you paste "FF011B8A" into it (IF YOU WANT JUST PASTE THIS LEVEL 19 "11A6C")
  12. Now right click the address and click the "Toggle breakpoint" again to remove the breakpoint.
  13. Click "Debug> Run
  14. Now back to the Ninja Saga Cheat Engine. It will come back and you will go to level 336.
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