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Preview Rising Dragon Online Game

Rising Dragon Game Online is a MMORPG game client from the Kgames with war theme at the time of the three kingdomsin Chinnes. With a strong story line and the simulation of historical events that correspond to the original story.

Game Online Dragon Rising takes place in the days of chaos at the end of the Han dynasty. Prior to the formation of three kingdoms, political and security situation the country is in a very critical stage. dissatisfaction and suffering brought on the threat of rebellion. Those who have the potential and charisma, are competing to build strength as a ruler Wilaya as practiced by some big names that we know, Yuan Shao, Gong Sun Zan, Zuo Dong, Cao Cao, Liu Bei, Sun Jian and more . Even the religious sects such as the Yellow Turbans are also not left behind to dominate and change the time of this mess.
Thus the Rising Dragon Online, players will focus on building strength phase clan, became a formidable ruler of the region, recruiting followers and also the legendary General, for to bring up the strength and become a ruler arbitrarily changed the history of the victors.
At Dragon Rising Online, players will be presented with a very thick Chinese environment and Deti, complete with various aspects of local culture which is different for each city, to the beautiful scenery such as the bamboo forest, willow tree on the banks of the river clear, on the snowy, fragrant dandelion plant that will make players fall in love. The colorful 2D aspect also gives the impression that Fresh makes no eye fatigue, making it suitable to be played by anyone.

The players are also not required solely Farming a way to fight monsters to level up. Instead, players can enjoy a variety of quests related to the history of the three kingdoms, which will give the player experience that can accelerate the increase in level. The various quests given also to be flexible and non-linear, flexible because you can choose how your quest completion (using force or intellectual), non-linear because of the characters in the quest will change according to circumstances. Quest are also sometimes requires ingenuity to get through, because there are some puzzles that will challenge you.

Rising Dragon Online has a Class 4 basis, namely: Warrior, Sorcerer, Cleric and Archer. Each job has a different type of weapon that uses Halberg Warrior, Sorcerer use the fan, using the sword and the Cleric Archer using Bow. At level 25 f 50 and over, when players get a battle formation, players can use the Ultimate Skill in accordance with his class. Base class players selected will affect the distribution of the basic attributes and attribute distribution ratio automatically at each level increase.

Here, players can also recruit the legendary General contained in the three kingdoms era to get together to unify the Chinese mainland. You can imagine how you could berwibawanya character is surrounded by five or escorted by General tiger generals who are undefeated Lubu. Here there are hundreds of legendary General to recruit players.

Any trees, grass, and all aspects of the environment can be affected by the skill and the fight that occurred in the vicinity. Swaying grasses and flowers are a bit of a graphical environment that can effect the players enjoy when playing. With a good ride, you can enter and exit the battlefield with different speed and strength, providing tremendous surprise to the enemy with a lightning attack. At Dragon Rising Online is a lot of choices Mount, from ordinary mounts to Legendary.

Online Dragon Rising is a game that not only centered on the battle alone. Players can also enjoy real-life social relationships properly. There are many social relationships that players can get agame ii pad, ranging from friendship, teacher-pupil relationship, fellow members of the guild, to the relationships and marriage. This is also supported by features login via Facebook and MSN, so players can get to know better who the partner is in real life.

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