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Linkin Park Will Make Game on Facebook

Linkin Park Will Make Game on Facebook - The famous rock band from the United States, Linkin Park, plans to create a game on Facebook. The theme of social games is said to be appointed from the true story of the group activity.

Beyond his work as a top rock band, Linkin Park are also known to frequently took part in various charitable and social activities, especially those relating to environmental matters.

One movement is ever dilakoninya Music for Relief. A movement that brought a world of musicians and music lovers to come together to help victims of natural disasters, fight global warming, helping the volunteers, and others.

Well to introduce more social action, Linkin Park in collaboration with the Interactive Entertainment kuuluu create games on Facebook, titled Linkin Park Recharge.

This game tells the story of the future when the human world has been controlled robot. To be free from the grip of the robot, the players can cooperate with other players to revolt by utilizing the energy of the earth as a weapon.

As quoted from kuuluu, Sunday (07/01/2012), not known for sure when this game started to be played on Facebook. Here is a video trailer of Linkin Park Recharge on YouTube.

Video Trailler Game Linkin Park Recharge

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