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Review Games FIFA 13

Review Games FIFA 13 - FIFA 13 game developer Electronic Arts (EA) has made improvements FIFA 13. EA even said that FIFA 13 appear more real than any version of the Football Games.

There are several new features in FIFA 13 enhanced the ability to attack the more interesting, skills lead ball, a new game engine, Strategy and touch control as well as many other features.

1. ability Attack
When attacking the opponent's goal, players now had to be more clever and compact. Even suggested any attack must be performed by at least 2 people, so it can break the opponent's defense to increase the chance of scoring.

2. Drive the ball skills
Capabilities are also enhanced dribbling player. The changes will be felt when the players are faced with the character of opponent. With the flexibility of existing control system, gamers can menggocek with a variety of styles, and even can also deceive opponents with a variety of motion transfer

3. The new game engine
Enhance the natural motion of each player, gamers can also use the player's body to retrieve the ball.

4. Strategy Playing
First, almost all players can receive feedback even kicked a ball so hard, now only the best players are able to receive the ball in those conditions. The more realistic, and the more difficult of course.

Rearguard resistance fend off opponents are now absolutely depends on the player. EA decided in FIFA 13 that the ability of the player behind the character of each is different, so it takes a special formulation to win the game.

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