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"Dreadout" Survival Horror Games Made In Indonesia

"Dreadout" is a genre of survival horror game being developed by Happiness Digital studio in  Cigadung, Bandung city - Indonesia.

When will the completed, players will feel the experience of playing a horror game with a setting that is Indonesia.

This game puts the player as Linda, high school student photography club members who traveled with friends of the club to go to a city that had long been abandoned.

There, the weirdness was going on, such as one by one his friends disappeared without a trace, leaving Linda alone. Linda turned out to have a paranormal ability to see apparitions of spirits through the medium of the camera in his hand.

"The plot sounds corny, but we set up some twist in the story," said Founder Digital Happiness, Rachmad Imron, when met in London on Friday (06/08/2012).

At first glance, this game does incorporate some elements of survival horror game that is already on the market, such as "Silent Hill" by setting an abandoned city and the "Fatal Frame" to use the camera as a tool to see ghosts.

Of the graphics can not compare the two previous titles produced by major studios such as Konami and Tecmo, "Dreadout" using Unity 3D graphics engine, and the boxes are still visible.

However, content that is promising is the content of his game. Protagonist portrayed by high school students using a white shirt and gray running around in an old Dutch-style buildings that can still be found in several places in Indonesia, simply create a tense atmosphere when played.

More particularly the ghosts that appear throughout the game. There is a new pocong seen when we shoot with the camera.

According to Imron, examples of games that are being modeled is showing its gameplay so the ghosts can not be left unharmed.

"We've set up some kind of ghost of Indonesia to display in this game," said Imron.
Digital Happiness is one of 18 pilot or startup companies who participated in the incubation Telkom Bandung Digital Valley. There, they will get technical and managerial assistance for six months so that their products are better prepared for sale.

Imron said, "Dreadout" scheduled to be completed six months ahead. In addition to the PC version, it also set up a mobile version with a different gameplay.(kompas)
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as much as I want to like it, there hasnt been a single Zombie / horror game since Resident Evil worth attention

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