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Nusantara Online transformed into Digital Encyclopedia

Nusantara Online which is known as online games, was also made ​​in the version of the encyclopedia. No different than the version of the game, in which the user is also presented about the history of the kingdom in Indonesia.

Encyclopedias written in a form of interactive flash-based. The interface looks simple, accompanied by gamelan music era of the past.

For example, the history menu. In it contains a number of figures who played an important role in the heyday of Majapahit, Gajah Mada call it, Gayam Wuruk, Raden Wijaya and 9 other figures.

Then there was another menu and the environment, this is arguably the most interesting part of the entire contents of the encyclopedia.

In it there are socioeconomic, whose contents tell the economic conditions in those days, complete with currency and market conditions. Plus the environmental side that describes what kind of town planning, sanitation, and the architecture of that period.

Encyclopedia of the Telegraph and Telkom in cooperation is planned to be marketed to some book shops with price range of $ 10 thousand. Unfortunately, not yet certain when this product can be purchased.
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