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Download Dota 2

Download Dota 2 - Dota 2 reportedly been released, even some of the views Dota 2 has been widely circulated in cyberspace. Some have been busy looking for software to download Dota 2, it is seen in several forums and also in the official facebook discussion forum Dota 2 much to ask where the place to download Dota 2.

Upon demand Dota 2 download this makes a variety of sites popping up to download Dota 2. But the fact is these sites is spreading a false link, which when we click the link that is claimed as a place to download Dota 2, but not directing to the proper destination, but our direct-kesitus other sites that do not clear their existence, and even tended to contain a virus.

The site in question made similar to the official website Dota 2, such as a website address and also who both claim to be a site that provides software 2 Download Dota, but in fact the promised software Dota 2 was not available.

Need friends to know that the second beta version of DotA which reportedly can be downloaded from the Internet so far are just a figment. Therefore if there is a site that directs you to links with the lure of free software Dota 2, then I suggest not to trust 100% with that site, because it is not likely you will be redirected to the malicious link that might contain viruses and malicious programs other.
"We will widely distribute this game, and I think this can not be done until next year,"  said Logan Gabe Newell, co-founder and managing director of Valve Corporation.
For information about Dota 2 official, then please just friends always updates its information through two official DotA site located at May be useful
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